The need for top-notch amenities has not changed despite the hospitality sector’s ongoing evolution. The quality of hotel facilities is essential to improving the overall guest experience and can have a big impact on whether or not a guest chooses to stay at a specific hotel again. To ascertain how Makkah visitors perceived hotel amenities, a thorough questionnaire-based study was carried out. The study’s objectives were to determine the hotel amenities that guests valued the most, their degrees of satisfaction, and the variables that affected how they viewed the amenities. The hotels in Abu Dhabi offer a wide range of accommodations, amenities, and services that cater to the needs and preferences of visitors to the city.

Demographics and Stay Characteristics

The first part of the questionnaire gathered information about the respondents’ demographics and stay characteristics. Along with their age, gender, and reason for visiting Makkah, participants were questioned about the kind of lodging they stayed in and how long they planned to stay there.

According to the findings, the majority of responders were in their 30s to 50s and came for religious reasons. The majority of respondents spent an average of 10 days in hotels close to Makkah.


The second part of the survey asked respondents to rank the significance of various hotel facilities. The importance of amenities including cleanliness, room size, Wi-Fi access, meal quality, and prayer facilities was rated by participants.

The research found that cleanliness was the most important feature for visitors, followed by prayer rooms and good meals. Other crucial facilities, relatively important to respondents, including room size and Wi-Fi access.

Levels of Guest Satisfaction with Hotel Amenities

The third component of the questionnaire measured how satisfied visitors were with various hotel amenities. Participants were asked to rate how happy they were with the amenities offered by each hotel.

The findings demonstrated that visitors loved the cleanliness and prayer rooms, with a sizable portion of respondents rating these amenities as outstanding. The room size and food quality, on the other hand, earned average reviews, suggesting opportunity for development in these areas. The least appreciated item, according to a sizable portion of respondents, was Wi-Fi connectivity.

Factors Affecting Hotel Amenities Perception

The elements that affect how customers perceive hotel amenities were examined in the fourth portion of the survey. Participants were questioned regarding their expectations, past encounters, and how online reviews affected how they perceived the amenities.

Guest expectations

The findings showed that guests’ expectations had a big impact on how they viewed amenities. Higher expectation travellers were more likely to be unhappy with the services offered. Their prior stays had an impact on how they perceived the amenities, with visitors who had previously stayed in hotels in Abu Dhabi or other cities giving the ones offered in Makkah a relatively lower grade. Online reviews were also important, with a significant portion of respondents saying they used them to help them choose a hotel.

Recommendations and Prospective Implications

The questionnaire’s final section sought recommendations and prospective implications based on the study’s findings. Participants were requested to offer suggestions for ways that hotels in Makkah may enhance the visitor experience and increase their amenities.

The recommendations included things like offering more nutritious food options, enhancing prayer facilities, and upgrading Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, respondents suggested that hotels raise the calibre of their guest rooms and maintain a greater level of cleanliness.


Insights into the significance of facilities, guests’ levels of satisfaction, and the factors influencing their perception of amenities were gained from the questionnaire-based study to assess how hotel amenities are perceived by Makkah tourists.The hotels near Makkah offer convenient access to the holy sites and provide various amenities and services that cater to the unique requirements of visitors to the city. This study can aid in the creation of practical hotel amenities that meet the particular requirements of tourists by gaining an awareness of the demands and preferences of visitors to Makkah. Hotels in Makkah can draw more visitors by upgrading their facilities and boosting the tourist experience.