When it comes to assistance at Airport, the first thing that comes to mind is wheelchair assistance. Indeed, it is a key component of assistance at Airport but the services in fact go way beyond these basic offerings. Today airport assistance services range across Fast Track, VIP, Meet & Greet & Airport Concierge services & depending on the type of travel, one can choose them to ensure a comfortable journey wherever they go across the world.

Here are Five situations when you can choose to go for Airport Assistance services:

  1. When traveling with family: When with family, one would rather choose to spend time with loved ones that run from counter to counter getting checkin & other formalities done. An Airport concierge is assigned to the family who keeps a tab on the time left to board the plane so that meanwhile the family can enjoy the offerings of the airport without the worry of missing the flight.
  1. Business Meetings: Airport Assistance services are a blessing for business travelers. With VIP Airport Assistance services, the traveler can fast track their airport procedures, complete the formalities quickly and they do not need to wait endlessly to exit the airport. These services are also very popular with corporates, Sportspersons, film personalities & other celebrities.
  1. When traveling with a child: Traveling with a child can be difficult. Keeping an eye on the child while at the same time looking out for announcements can cause stress in an otherwise leisure trip. With Airport Assistance services, the assigned concierge takes care of the airport procedures while the parent can attend to the child. The concierge will fast track the procedures so that the travelers can leave the airport at the earliest taking care of their comfort at every step.
  1. Language barrier: While traveling to a foreign country, language disconnect can cause unforeseen trouble. With Meet And Greet Airport Assistance services, a concierge stays with the traveler, guiding them in their language with the procedures/steps involved be it at arrivals or departures. The concierge also helps with assisting the passenger to book a York taxi so that they are on the way to their destination without any hassle.
  1. Elderly Travel: When it comes to travel, our loved ones need special care. It becomes all the more important when it comes to the elderly. With Airport Assistance services, the elderly can enjoy their retirement life by seeing the world without the worry of missing their flight or an airport announcement. The concierge ensures that their checkin is done, that they move to their security check in time & face no hassles in finding their flight. In some cases, where allowed, the concierge also follows the passenger into the flight and helps them find their assigned seat. The service also includes cab services to pick up or drop the passengers at the hotel where they will be staying at.

The world of travel has changed since the arrival of airport assistance services & now you can experience it too. To avail these services across 1126+ airports 24/7, all you need to do is write to us at service@AirportAssist.com & we will get in touch with you at the earliest.