Great paddleboarding spots can be hard to come by. Stand-up paddleboarding communities often guard their favourite places, ensuring they don’t become too well-known and, as a result, too populated. The qualities that make an ideal SUP spot vary and can be entirely subjective. However, many are likely to say that clean water and a beautiful backdrop are preferential.

The city of Brisbane is a hot spot for watersports enthusiasts, with many individuals around the area taking to the water regularly. The capital of Queensland also sees over seven million tourists visit the city each year. Whether you’re a resident looking to find a new favourite spot or a tourist looking to make the most of your time in the city, we’re sharing the best paddleboard locations for your next adventure.

Enoggera Reservoir 

When the Enoggera dam was established back in 1866, a huge reservoir was formed. The water has, since then, become a popular spot for paddleboarders and surfers alike, with walkers enjoying the trail around the reservoir’s perimeter known as the Araucaria trail.

This beautiful spot is only a stone’s throw northwest of Brisbane and is popular among those wanting to escape the city for a day. The water is nestled among trees, making it not only an ideal place to be immersed in nature but also a great spot for SUP, being protected from winds.

Cotton Tree

If you’re looking for the classic Australian experience, that of clean and sandy beaches sitting alongside stunningly clear waters, then Cotton Tree is a must-visit destination. Locals consider it to be one of the most stunning areas of Brisbane and regularly venture out to ride the water and admire the cityscape. Just be sure to arrive early during the summer, as it can get busy.

Brisbane River

If you’re looking for a great spot for a quick paddle or an easy opportunity to find your feet on the water, the Brisbane River might be for you. Open to paddleboarders, this large city river has a number of access points and is often occupied by SUP groups, especially on sunny days.

Caboolture River

Those looking for more than a quick paddle might prefer the Caboolture River. Located to the south, this expansive river covers great distances, making it ideal for those who want to pack a day bay, or even an overnight bag, and experience an adventure on the water. It can be quite challenging in places but remains a popular, if lesser-known location, for all watersports enthusiasts, including the kayaking community.

Hays Inlet

A unique experience in Brisbane, Hays Inlet is surrounded by salt marshes and is itself an ecologically important wetland. This landscape is celebrated for its birdlife and flora, while also being open to considerate paddleboarders.

Those who venture out to visit the area will experience the opportunity to paddle alongside mangrove forests, intertidal flats, and its iconic eucalyptus trees, making it one of the most well-loved and impressive SUP destinations in the area.