With its vast coastlines bathed by the Gulf side, Veracruz Mexico coastlines supply many choices to sunbathe, technique sea sporting activities, view the water life and enjoy the fabulous dishes of Veracruz.

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I will start this “Veracruz coastline guide” with Tecolutla. Simply four hours from Mexico City and about 50 minutes from the Wonderful Town of Papantla, a rustic destination suitable for family relaxation and getaways.

  • Tecolutla coastline

Tecolutla is famous for its mangroves. Get on watercraft to explore them and take pleasure in the silence that is only disrupted by the vocal singing of birds, as well as the wind.

Mangrove trees sink into the canals with their whimsically designed roots in which crabs hide. The trunks became additional houses for spider crabs looking for food, and in the canopy, you may see ospreys waiting to capture their prey.

  • Playa Chachalacas, Veracruz

This is among the most effective coastlines of Veracruz Mexico, with calm waves, it’s ideal for the pleasure of the entire family members, especially children. Its main attraction is a room of large dunes located between the sea, as well as the Actopan River, which streams into the beach.

Here, children method sandboarding, a sporting activity that includes sliding down the dunes with boards comparable to those utilized in the snow with snowboarding.

  • Antón Lizardo

A little bit greater than 20 kilometres from the city of Veracruz, close to the community of Boca del Rio, is the coastline location of Anton Lizardo, with numerous coastlines for enjoyment, as well as tasks. This area is blessed by the Veracruz Coral Reef System. They are exceptional for diving, snorkelling, and observing undersea life.

  • Lobos Island

This island, located north of Tuxpan, has beaches of crystalline waters, as well as coral reef obstacles in its vicinity, exceptional for diving, both newbies and experts.

It is 75 minutes from the coastline, travelling in little boats. Close by there is a ship sunk greater than 2 centuries back, in which a beautiful community has been established by the most experienced scuba divers.