A wide variety of wholesome Meals On Train options are available in the food area thanks to the new Meals On Train online system. Utilize this to get hot, delectable meals brought to your place. This system provides scrumptious and healthy food and is vastly superior to the antiquated railway system. Having a wide selection of culinary options can make a trip with family, friends, or coworkers more enjoyable and interesting. There is no longer any need to carry extra luggage or meals as a result.

You can order food straight from the IRCTC website or Zoopindia.com, or you can use this zoop website and app as it has partnered with IRCTC to get meals on the train. In the section below, I’ll go through how to order food as well as is online food safe or not  you can use to do it. 7,000 trains and more than 400 stations presently use these apps.

How Can You Order Meals From Zoop?


Zoop is the first app to be connected to IRCTC and is also the most dependable and secure. Users of this app can order a variety of meals for consumption while traveling. More than 80 cities have it in operation. It has restaurants with FSSAI certification. You receive hygienic and customized food as a result. Using this app, you can easily order meals online for delivery while riding the train.

You have to start the app.

You must provide your ten-digit PNR, train, or seat number.

Select the train station from the list where you want your food delivered.

After deciding on the restaurant, choose your favorite dish from the menu.

They will show up on the checkout page, where you can choose between online payment and cash on delivery.

A confirmation message will then be delivered to the registered mobile number you supplied.

That’s it; your order has been successfully placed. Relax as you wait for your order.

Why Should You Use The Zoop App To Order Food?


There are a tons of reviews for the Zoop app. And is the best app for other services as well as ordering Meals On Train during the journey. You can use this app to book a hotel close to your destination in addition to seeing the live stations where your train is currently, the stations between your boarding station and destination, and if the train is delayed or not.

Because it can provide you with just the highest quality, healthiest meals, this app is regarded as the finest for ordering food. Additionally, you can alter your order. You can also order light and basic meals of your choosing if you have a health condition or don’t like spicy or fried food. Additionally, you can order food based on your child’s and your grandparents’ preferences. The cuisine menu offers a wide variety of choices other than that. Your food is delivered on time through the zoop app.

Zoop Is An Essential App For Rail Travelers:-

Numerous new features have recently been added to the railway service by IRCTC. More services, such as ordering food and tickets, are available on trains. All of these services are available through various apps that collaborate with IRCTC. You can now receive railway updates on your app. Any one of this information is available on the zoop app you must have installed on your phone if you frequently take trains. so that you can order meals in train, follow your train’s location, check the status of your PNR, and book tickets online. Here, I’ll share with you the best app for ordering food when traveling by train.

You can get meals on the train via a variety of websites and applications that have partnered with IRCTC, or you can order food directly from the zoop website. However, this software is a necessity if you plan to take the train.

How Can Food Be Ordered Online When There Isn’t A Working Internet Connection?

Taking a train to travel. The railroad passes through a lot of different cities and stations. An odd network issue could cause you to periodically run into problems while ordering Meals On Train online. At some stations, your internet connection might not be working. Therefore, how do you order meals at that time? Oh, that’s also really easy. Orders can be placed over the phone or through text. Yes, you can phone and SMS ZoopIndia number to place an order.

A quick and simple way to enjoy your hot, delicious, and fresh cuisine while sitting is to place your order over the phone. Calling the number is required. After that, someone will assist you from the other side. Your fundamental information, such as your PNR and train numbers, must be given to them. Your PNR number will then be verified by them. The food item and delivery location will then be brought up. This is how placing a phone-based online food order functions.

One of the simplest methods to do so is to send an SMS to order food. Include your PNR, train, and food item numbers in the message. You’ll then receive a confirmation message. Finally, take a seat and await your order.

Just provide the train number and PNR in exact detail. Afterward, information regarding your order and the delivery address. Online-purchased food is much better than cupboard food.