Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia are raising airfares to offset the rising cost of petrol.

Although domestic bookings haven’t been affected by higher inflation and interest rates, fares will go up to help airlines recover the cost of elevated oil prices, their executives say. Australia’s largest airlines are operating above pre-pandemic levels due to a resurgence in demand.

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, told last week that while the airline’s business was booming, high fuel prices would cost Qantas an additional $1.8 billion compared to the pre-pandemic period – and tickets would reflect that.

Tony Webber, the CEO of Airline Intelligence & Research and the former chief economist of Qantas, claimed rising fuel prices are driving ticket prices up, and the ongoing invasion of Ukraine shows no sign of ending. In addition to increasing airfares, passengers complain of long lines and baggage-handling problems due to major staff shortages and increased numbers of travellers.

Besides the rising fuel cost, many airlines have still not recovered after the pandemic disrupted their operations for two years. According to aviation economist Dr Tony Webber, COVID made air travel more expensive because airlines could not fill their planes with passengers. Often, the planes were a quarter full; they couldn’t even half-fill them.

As airlines try to stimulate demand, they offer attractive deals to entice travellers – and there might still be some bargains available.

Airlines are under pressure due to the holiday rush.

This week marks the start of school holidays in states such as Victoria. Air carriers and airports are working hard to avoid a repeat of Easter’s chaos when security lines stretch outside Sydney Airport.

Analysts say it is too late to make a difference at Sydney and Melbourne airports because they stepped up their recruitment efforts before the school holidays. As airline staff levels drop during busy periods and extra demand increases, baggage handling can slip through the cracks. Take the Easter chaos, for instance: While travelling to holiday destinations, a total of 400,000 bags were lost by Qantas airlines.


Prior to going away: Consider these questions

Do you need a vehicle? Can you get to the airport by taxi?

Would you prefer to stay in the hotel where you are staying for the entire holiday and hang out at the pool or bar at night? Will you be able to walk to all the places you want to visit from the accommodation? How accessible is public transportation at the destination?

Unless you have a camper, van, or motorhome to tow along the way, you’ll almost certainly need to rent or take your vehicle.


Why caravanning is a better option

The question arises as to whether driving to the destination in your own vehicle would be cheaper than flying and hiring a vehicle. In some cases, the answer will differ depending on whether you want to consider the value of your own time on the road.

If you fly further, you might find that cheap airfare becomes more affordable and valuable. But considering rising flight costs, this is not the case.

No matter where you are: in the dining room, at the hotel pool, or sightseeing: large crowds of people aren’t everybody’s cup of tea- especially during a vacation. On the other hand, a caravanning trip has always taken the place of package tours and mass tourism, focusing on the needs and desires of the individual traveller or a family.

Almost no other mode of travel offers you such a diverse and flexible opportunity to create your own ideal vacation. You can combine the desire to be close to nature at any time with the feeling of independence and the freedom to explore new things at will.

There’s no way to predict what you’ll find regarding cleanliness and hygiene, whether in a hotel, cruise ship, or holiday home. On the other hand, with your own caravan, you can easily control both and be safe. Comfort-wise, you can furnish your recreational vehicle according to your taste – from the mattress and slatted frame to your favourite blanket and cup of coffee in the morning. Every need is always met on board, and for comfort, a recreational vehicle is suitable for every taste and need.

Caravanning is a self-determined, flexible, natural, yet comforting way to spend a holiday. With the trend toward more conscious travel and a shift towards slower travel, finding a caravan might be the most appropriate option for individuals and families this holiday season.

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